How Aluminum Foil Advances Science II


Renewable energy is one of the best ways of evading total climatic breakdown, and solar energy is one of the most abundant and scantily used resource. The biggest challenge is to create solar cells that can efficiently convert the energy from photons into electrical energy. Fortunately, aluminum foil is a great solution.

Currently, one of the biggest challenges is the cell’s ability to absorb and transform as much energy as possible from each photon. Given the speed of light and inefficient transformation capacity, this has posed a problem. Secondly, creating robust solar cells is costly. However, researchers have found a way to develop flexible solar cells by growing the cells on aluminum foil sheets.

The sheets offer a cost-effective and efficient substrate for the crystals. Should we get any ideas for that sandwich? I think it’s highly unlikely that we’ll find them growing there!

This is an indirect advancement because, well, science demythologizes our beliefs, but in a way it does rationalize our actions with empirical research.

We’ve seen those tin foil hats people wear thinking that they will simply bounce off the invasive radio signals present in the atmosphere (both telecommunication radio waves and mind control waves being sent from the stratosphere or aliens). Though we must remain open to possibilities, researchers at MIT did find that even if such invasive waves existed, the hat would simply amplify them back.

We know the primary properties of aluminum that has allowed it to become the second most mined, smelted, and used metal in the world. It’s inexpensive, lightweight, durable, resistant to corrosion, and works wonders when it is made to work within strong magnetic fields, high temperatures, and to act as an alloy and as an insulator.

So, the next time you are selecting an aluminum foil from the store, remember that researchers committed to unearthing the secrets of the universe, developing renewable technologies, and working with aliens maintain millions of dollars worth of equipment using the unbelievably versatile metallic foil that is aluminum foil.