The Many Uses Of Adhesive Tapes In Construction


The many uses of adhesive tapes in construction are more than well known by professionals. Installation of the air conditioner you use in the summer, or installation of the ventilation and air conditioning ducts, requires the use of aluminum tape (also known as reflective or foil tape). Another type of product called FSK insulation tape (otherwise known as reinforced tape) comes in handy whenever insulation facing joints need to be sealed or glued.

Adhesive tapes are used for various applications in many industries. They come in wide variety of different types and each of them is designed to serve specific tasks. For example, in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (so called HVAC industry) tapes are used to seal mechanical ventilation systems and insulation joints.

The kind of the tape that will be chosen for specific application depends on the


There are many other kinds of tapes used for the air-conditioning, heating, ventilation industry as well as for the insulation. Various types of adhesives provide broad range of application conditions from a very cold (-35 degrees F) temperatures up to very hot temperatures (250 degrees F). There are also flame retardant adhesives, high stick adhesives etc. There are also many more types of reinforcement, which are designed for different surfaces, applications, insulation facings and radiant barriers.

Foil tapes or Aluminum Tape are used to seal seams and joints of the sheet metal ducts and their connections to the flexible duct. Foil tapes are also often used in the air conditioning to seal joints of flexible ducts to the air grills. So to speak, foil tapes in the air conditioning and ventilation industries are used as often as a thread in the garment industry – whenever you need to join parts and seal the seam from leaks – aluminum foil tape is used.