The Properties of PET Tape



They are an excellent alternative to steel tapes, where savings with packing system based on PET tapes can reach even 70%! Besides, PET tape is an excellent solution for binding heavy and expansion loads as well. Hard polyester tapes are characterized by larger extension than PP tapes, which helps in strapping wooden loads that dry in time and loose their volume. PET tapes “giving back” initial tension constantly stabilize strapped load without a noticeable difference in tape tension.

As a rule, PET tapes can be divided into smooth and corrugated ones. Their main advantage is higher tensile strength and resistance to cutting than PP tapes. Excellent for strapping loads with sharp edges. And the smooth and corrugated PET tapes can be fastened either by seal or metal clasp.

PET tapes are often used as the stabilizing materials at so-called line ends – in a fully automated process of pallet packing, mainly in construction, furniture and wood industry.

Polyester types are produced of the raw material of the highest quality, making it possible to meet standards for industrial packing, automatic and manual packing of all loads. Polyester is a material that does not lose its properties in high temperatures, UV radiation or water. The tape does not change in temperatures ranging from - 50°C to +100°C. If during transport, a sudden external force is applied, PET tapes take that force, keep the load strapped and they act better than steel tapes.

What’s more, as it is a plastic that does not rust (contrary to steel tapes), its contact with a product even for a long time cannot affect the packaging quality. When it is removed, there is no so-called recoil effect, making it safe for users.

Moreover, PET tape does not have sharp edges, so there is no risk of skin cuts or load damage during pulling and cutting of the tape. Also very important is that it is produced of a material readily reused, so disposal and recycling of polyester waste is very easy. click chinaaluminumfoil.com to see more information.